My wife, Donita, and I would like to personally thank you for the great service you and your company has provided us with regards to our home and auto insurance needs. We had been with a big bank insurance company for many,  many years. It wasn’t a negative experience, nor was it anything overly positive. It was just insurance. When you told us, “…upon the renewal time of your policy, we won’t just send a letter in the mail, telling you what we’ve already done, we’ll actually call you prior to your renewal”, I was very impressed. However, when you told us, “We don’t insure property, we insure people!”…well that was all we really needed to hear to move our business to you, and are we ever glad we did.

From the very beginning you impressed us – you asked questions, listened to our needs and gave us a much better understanding of the insurance industry. Ironically, not only did you save us money on our policy but you provided us with much better coverage than we previously had before. Lastly, shortly after bringing you our business, I accidentally damaged my vehicle by filling my diesel running Jeep with gasoline. Clearly a mistake. Big mistake. Expensive mistake and a whole lot of unwanted stress. Thanks to you, your office, the great communication and your commitment to insure people, our situation was handled extremely well, timely and pain free. Not only are we happy with our decision to bring you our business but we will be even happier to refer business your way.

Vince Fowler
Business Coach


Thank you so much for taking care of myself and my family. Although you did not save me any money on my insurance, I believe, you did something even better; you doubled my coverage!! I am relieved to know that I have you on my side. A friendly face, a great broker and a good friend. I know that you have my and my family’s best interest at heart. And I always know that you will do your best to ensure I have the right coverage at the best price available. I can say for certain that you are the only insurance person I can not only put a name to but a face as well.

I have no qualms about encouraging my friends and family to look into what you can offer them. I know they will be looked after in a way that is uncommon in this industry. I want to thank you for your diligence and your attention to detail and always keeping the best interests of your clients front and centre. Again, thank-you. It was a pleasure to do business with you.

Aaron McCullough
Red Dot Photography


I have learned through working with Foothills Insurance that not all insurance Companies or brokers are created equal. I recently decided to let Alan Jones of Foothills Insurance take a look at my car and auto insurance and was pleasantly surprised. When I originally received a quote from Alan he not only noticed that my previous broker gave me insurance for a casual driver but also that my house was over insured.

Alan gave me very sound advice and got me an amazing deal on my new insurance. In addition, he offered me several terms on how to pay. He offered me lump sum on a credit card so that I could get Airmiles, 4 equal payments or monthly payments. This allowed me the opportunity to decide what was best for me.

Also, Alan is always in the office so that if I have any issues I am not sitting online with a call centre in Toronto trying to get information. I can drop by his office, book an appointment or just pick up the phone and get a live person anytime. Excellent service at a fair price – this is something that we do not see often enough these days. I would highly recommend Alan and Robin for your insurance needs with over 30 years of experience and sound advice.

If you want to get an insurance check up, Alan is definitely the professional that you need to meet with to go through your insurance needs. He will ensure that you have enough insurance at a fair price. I truly appreciate what you stand for and the unbelievable value that you bring to your clients and to me.

Karen Blomquist
Mortgage Intelligence


On behalf of Betty and I, we would like to thank you for reviewing our past home and auto insurance plans and making the necessary changes that will save us money as we move forward with our new policies. The additional coverage you suggested will be beneficial for both our personal and business policies.

You have been very professional and personable in servicing our needs and when we look forward to a long relationship of working together.

We will highly recommend you to anyone we know as we are confident you will offer them the same great service you have given to us.

Joe Perri & Betty Anderson-Perri
RE/MAX Real Estate
(Mountain View)


Thank you, Alan, for designing an insurance plan that works exactly for me and my partner. You are very familiar with numerous policies which allows you to find a matching policy for your clients.

I am fully confident that when I have a question or concern about my insurance policy, I only need to ask you and not try to decipher many pages of confusing insurance speech. This is my favorite part of the insurance plan you have selected for me.

I completely trust your dedication to customer service and I will gladly share your card with people in need of auto, home and business insurance.

Gina Rino, BSc, RAc
Fertility & Cosmetic Acupuncture


I would like to thank you for a job well done. You say “You do not insure things but you insure people”. That’s how I felt during my dealings with you while investigating my commercial insurance needs, requirements and cost.

I was hoping you would be able to reduce my insurance annual cost. Not only did you save me a substantial amount of money on my yearly insurance cost, roughly $1500.00, you managed to increase our coverage’s in many areas by 250% or more. One of the best benefits was having some essential coverage’s for our industry included, that we were missing from my previous insurer’s policy.

The experience was a good one and I will be recommending you to my colleagues and friends. I look forward to a long business relationship with you and your company.

Neal Andersen
Electrician Magician
A Division of ANA Electrical Industries LTD.


Recently, I took up Alan Jones’s of Foothills Insurance Services Ltd offer to check if I was getting the best insurance rates available to me. I expected Mr. Jones to save me a few dollars here and there but I was astounded when he managed to cut the price of insurance for my house hold nearly in half.

Than is what made Mr. Jones a good insurance broker. What made him a great broker is that at those times when my busy life took over and I started to forget about forms, letters, and phone calls, Alan was always there with a friendly email or phone call to nudge me in the right direction. It was one thing to get me a great deal on insurance; it was something extraordinary to make sure I actually reaped the benefits.

Everett Bellinham, VP of Operations
LexMedia Computer Group Inc.


My husband and I would like to sincerely thank you for your dedication and help in assisting us organize our demanding insurance portfolio. Our detailed portfolio has never before been this organized and well maintained.

The time you spent pursuing all the details and the best solutions for our portfolio demonstrates the individual and exemplary service you provide for clients. We have never been this well cared for by any insurance agency in the past. Thank you for demonstrating an excelled level of customer care, you have truly set yourselves apart from others in your industry.

Again, the time you spent researching, organizing and communicating with my husband and I was a welcome and astounding experience we will never forget. I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for the same care, attention to details and best solutions to home and auto insurance you provided for us.

Kaelie Forzani
Impressions Management